The Real Estate Alternative

How do you make money in the real estate market?  Ask the average Canadian and you might get responses like:

» Buying rental units, and being a landlord
» Owning a home
» Fixing and Flipping

Very few people will think of investing in mortgages, even though it is a superb investment vehicle.

The Top 7 Reasons to Invest Directly in Mortgages

» Great Returns

Rates of return are typically between 8 and 20%.  How much do you earn when you own a property?  How much after taxes and maintenance are considered?  With mortgages you have a very specific rate of return you are lending money for.

» Stability

Mortgages have a set, steady payment every month.  They are shielded from the ups and downs of the market.

» Solid Backing

Mortgages are debts secured by real estate.  Land will go up and down in value, but it will always retain some value.  The same cannot be said for other investments.

» Hassle-free

The land owner is responsible for the problems associated with owning a property.  While mortgage loans can require investor effort, we have fund pools that are professionally managed that require no effort by investors.

» Low Cost of entry

Mortgage Investment Funds require a low minimum initial investment, investors can even invest small monthly sums.  Compare this to the cost of owning a property.

» Easy to Understand

Most people understand real estate.  But if you are borrowing money to own properties without an understanding of what works and what doesn’t you could lose.  Compare this to mortgages – when you are the lender it’s simple.  It’s nice to be collecting the payments rather than making them.

» Tangible

How much research do you need to do to understand a stock investment?  Compare this to investing in mortgages: we can literally drive you to the property and show you your investment.  If you don’t like it, you don’t invest.

How Am I Able to Invest In Mortgages?

» Invest Directly

Stewart & Craig Financial Corp. can help you invest directly in mortgages. We get all kinds of inquiries for funds, and have a place for investors looking to invest from $50,000 to millions of dollars. We can sit down with you, describe different mortgage types, and the associated risks. We will give you the information to make an educated decision. The relationship doesn’t end there. We will support you with renewals, payouts, and foreclosure.

» Invest in a Mortgage Investment Corporation

Mortgage Investment Corporation’s pool investor money and invest in a wide range of property. The fund is professionally managed and gives investors a way to invest in mortgages without the capital requirements that would normally be needed to properly diversify a portfolio in many different properties. This is an armchair way to invest. MIC’s are available through many EMDs, and Stewart & Craig Financial Corp. would be happy to recommend an EMD for your consideration.