Easy Quick Financing - A Builders Dream!

We are going to make your dreams come true! Our Lenders are easy to work with, with simple parameters for approval.

Your time is valuable - We don’t waste it.

Our program approves up to 75% of appraised value on new construction. See the side bar for some examples of programs we can help with. We can help with all types of projects, from single family construction to duplexes to condo construction.

We like small Builders!!! We like large builders too, but we feel small builders are an underserved market. Even if you have little experience to back you up, we can help. We have done loans for first timers, and we are happy to give advice, including trade referrals and assistance with costing.

We will approve ‘spec’ homes. We will need more equity in the project to get the approval, but we do not require presales. Having presales, and having equity in the project will allow us to be more flexible.

Here are some examples of programs that work for our clients:

» Example 1: Builder has access to free and clear lots, or land developer will agree to subordinate their debt.

We can immediately lend up to 50% of the land value to get you started.  Subsequent advances are made in progress draws based on cost to complete.

» Example 2: Builder has progressed to 50% completion level, and needs funds to finish the job.

Our program lends up to 75% of the completed project.  We could immediately lend half that amount, due to the 50% house completion.  Additional advances would be judged on a cost to complete basis.

» Example 3: Builder has homes completed, and for sale, but needs to free up capital to proceed with building more homes, or to clear up trade accounts.

We can immediately lend up to 75% of the appraised value of the completed project.  We can also provide loans that are open for prepayment after 3 or 6 months interest is earned.